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Weed Control, Fairport, NY Weed control is usually a major headache for homeowners trying to maintain a beautiful lawn. In fact, excessive weed growth is one of the last problems that you would want to happen to your garden. As one of the leading lawn care companies in Northern New York, we, at Brockman Tree and Lawn Care offer a wide range of services. We can keep your lawn free of weeds all the year round.

How To Eliminate and Prevent Weed from Growing?

Weed not only hampers the beauty of the space, but also kills grass and spoils the whole lawn. However, removing weed is something that you may not be able to handle efficiently all by yourself. This makes it necessary to hire professional weed control services. While there are DIY weed control solutions too, they simply aren’t effective enough.

How Does Professional Weed Control Differ from DIY Weed Control?

You might feel tempted to take care of the weed control on your lawn yourself, to avoid the expenses of hiring professional services. However, there are reasons why professional weed control is termed “professional” while DIY weed control is not. Here are a few ways in which the two differ and how professional services are better:

  • Duration of effect: DIY weed control has short-term effects, while professional services help to prevent weed growth in the long run. While removing weeds by yourself, destroying the roots can be a daunting task. This allows the weeds to keep growing at the same spot again and again.
  • Herbicide products: There are stark differences between the herbicides that you can purchase at the local store and the ones that professionals use. While purchasing a herbicide at a store, you might have a hard time finding the right product. Professionals would use the correct weedicide, based on the type of weed growth, soil type, climate, and other factors.
  • Collateral damage: DIY weed control can have a variety of side effects on your lawn that would do more harm than good. For instance, most of the household weed control solutions also kill any other healthy plants that come in contact. You could also impact the soil by using excess amounts of herbicides.

Therefore, it is much wiser to let professionals handle weed control tasks. You would enjoy long-term relief and would not have to worry about the weed control measures damaging your lawn.

How Do Professionals Carry Out Weed Control?

Experienced professionals always take a comprehensive approach to deliver long-term solutions. They would first evaluate your lawn and the weed growth carefully. This helps them come up with the most suitable solution.

  • They would choose the right products, thus eliminating the weeds without harming any other plants or grass.
  • Professionals use pre-emergent weed control products that destroy the seeds, preventing weed from germinating.
  • Weed control experts can guide you with various cost-effective techniques to keep your lawn free of weeds.
  • They would use the right equipment for the job and make sure to destroy the weeds at their roots, such that the weed cannot regrow.

This explains why professional weed control services are far better. It would certainly pay off to invest in weed control from a reputed company. Feel free to contact Brockman Tree and Lawn Care by giving us a call at 585-730-5296 or fill up this form. You may rest assured that we would take away all your weed control woes with ease.

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