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Insect, Mosquito, Flea, Tick, Bee & Hornet Control Services

Insect Control Services, Fairport, NY At Brockman Tree & Lawn Care, we are much more than a landscape maintenance company in Fairport, NY. We provide comprehensive landscape services, and this includes insect control solutions as well. Part of the appeal of having a well-designed and maintained yard is having a peaceful setting. This cannot be achieved without keeping mosquitos, grubs, fleas, ticks, bees, and hornets out. Our licensed professionals can help you make the most of your landscape by getting rid of different insects.

Insect Control

Grubs are tiny insects that can have a big impact on the health and beauty of your lawn. These beetle larvae feed on the root system of your turf, causing drying off. Our professional insect control services will help protect your lawn from such and many other types of insect problems. No homeowner wants any insects to invade their beautiful and peaceful outdoors. Ticks, mosquitos, fleas, hornets, and other forms of insects can be a nuisance while also carrying diseases.

Our team is professionally equipped, licensed, and well-trained to handle any insect problem. Our post-grub and preventative insect control services help keep the grub population under control. We can determine the ideal time for applying the treatments, while also recommending fertilization and overseeding services to bring your damaged lawn areas back to life.

Mosquito Treatment

No one wants to battle with mosquitos anywhere, including your backyard. We offer effective and competitively priced mosquito control solutions. We offer professional mosquito-control application around your home, yard, and landscape. Our solution gets rid of the insects on contact and keeps working for up to three weeks based on the weather condition.

Mosquitos are resilient insects that also carry diseases. Our mosquito control applications protect your family and pets from the hazards and nuisance created by mosquitos by targeting areas where these insects harbor and feed. Once the treatments have been applied, you can enjoy a greater degree of protection. As the insects feed off the greenery, the residual effect from the treatment will eliminate them.

Flea & Tick Control

Flea bites can cause red spots that can be quite itchy and cause discomfort. Your pets can bring fleas into your home and transfer them to the furniture and beds. Fleas can lay dozens of eggs per day on pets and your pets could be spreading their eggs indoors. Our professional technicians will conduct a thorough investigation to assess the severity of your flea problem. Once we have evaluated different areas, we will develop a custom flea treatment plan best suited to the severity of the problem.

While fleas can cause tapeworms and allergies, infected ticks can cause serious diseases such as Lyme disease. Ticks and fleas can live for long periods and often go unnoticed. We offer a multi-step program to control fleas and ticks breeding on your property. We will treat your lawn in the spring, summer, and fall to help you get rid of these insects.

Our flea and tick control services cover the following:
  • A thorough evaluation of your lawn to locate risk areas for harbor and breeding sites.
  • Multiple, year-round treatment applications on the located high-risk areas.
  • Eliminating fleas and ticks at all stages of life.
We develop custom control plans that ensure you will be getting the right treatment and in the right amount.

Bee & Hornet Control

Honeybees are essential to our environment. Over the years, we have worked with and removed countless honeybee hives. Bees can restrict your access to your yard. We follow the best practices to help remove these otherwise helpful insects. We take pride in getting our job done in a safe and proper manner. This often includes working with local beekeeping organizations to remove and relocate the bees.

We also provide hornet control services in Fairport and the surrounding areas. Hornets can become aggressive when their nests get disturbed. Once these insects have claimed a corner of your yard, it can be impossible for you to remove them. We offer hornet and wasp control services to safely remove the nests and prevent these insects from returning to your yard.

If you want to book our insect control services, get in touch with us at 585-730-5296 or write to us and we will reach you back at the earliest.

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