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Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration, Fairport, NY Lawns are one of the most essential parts of any landscape, as they add life, freshness and give the area a more spacious feel. Places like these are functional, making them the perfect spot for adding lawn furniture and letting children and pets play freely. While these areas are meant to be used, increased traffic results in compaction issues.

If you have dogs at home, they may dig into your lawn and damage the grass. They also slowly begin to pace, which can cause further damage. Most properties that have pets may have grounds with bald patches. Your pet might also use the same path repeatedly, which also results in considerable damage.

Effect of Compaction

Compaction results in slower water penetration, which reduces root growth, resulting in a thin and poorly drained lawn. The best way to rectify this is by hiring professionals for lawn aeration. This proven method is one of the best ways to prevent compaction and keep your lawn fresh. You need to hire the services of a well-established company like us at Brockman Tree & Lawn Care LLC, who provide homeowners across the region with high-quality lawn care and aeration services.

Types of Aeration

Regardless of the scale, whether big or small, these jobs must be tackled with a high level of expertise. You will notice a drastic change in your lawn with regular aeration, making it look healthy and fresh year-round. We use a wide range of aeration techniques, including:

  • Core Aeration – Also referred to as core plugging, is one of the most widely used methods. Our experts will use an aerating machine to take out plugs of soil from the lawn, leaving them lying on the lawn's surface. This method lets air into the root system of the grass, breaking up compacted soil and then allowing water and nutrients to get inside the root zone. In most cases, this process is carried out during the fall. The grass seed and fertilizer are then applied, which helps the lawn fill in correctly.
  • Aerovating – During this process, the experts will use a machine with vibrating tines that help penetrate the soil by vibrating at high speeds. This process is ideal for use during dry weather. Core aerating is used when the soil is moist.

Specialized Services

While you can always aerate between spring through fall, it has a much better effect when done during the fall. This is primarily because fall fertilizer has high phosphorous content, which aids in the growth of roots. If you feel that your lawn looks lifeless and dull, get in touch with a reputed company like us for aeration services.

A well-maintained and aerated grass requires considerably less maintenance, which significantly reduces these spaces' overall cost of ownership. We will see that your lawn gets the care it needs to thrive in any season and be sustainable.

For more information on lawn aeration services, get in touch with us at Brockman Tree & Lawn Care, LLC, team at 585-730-5296. You can also write us through this Online Form, and we will get back to you in no time.

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