Quality lawn and tree care services in fairport ny & surrounding areas
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Lawn Fertilization

Our Safer, Better, Greener Lawn Care Program

By choosing Brockman Tree and Lawn Care you are promoting eco-friendly, sustainable practices in your community. We guarantee increased results while using less chemicals and pesticides than traditional fertilizing programs and at a very competitive price.

Our lawn care program focuses on overall lawn health with a heavy focus on soil health. By adding in natural materials into our mix at every application we are able to lower the amount of pesticides used on a property while maintaining good color and keep the weeds at bay.

With healthier soil and a better root system, you drastically reduce the need for chemical fertilizers. Our program builds stronger, more resilient plants allowing you to reduce pesticides, while still providing a weed-free lawn. This product will also grow thicker, stronger, healthier root systems that access water and nutrients deeper in the soil. This will aid in water retention leading to efficient use of water.

Nitrates and phosphates in traditional fertilizers can runoff into local waterways, contributing to large-scale algae blooms that cause odor issues and deplete the water of oxygen, suffocating marine life. Areas with massive oxygen depletion are known as "dead zones" and can be found throughout the U.S. The largest "dead zone" is in the Gulf of Mexico and is the size of New Jersey.

By selecting the Brockman lawn care program, you are making a conscious decision to reduce the nitrates and phosphates in our local lakes, bay and streams.

We want to provide lawn care that is better and safer, for our customers, our employees as well as the environment.

Lawn Fertilization Fairport NY

  1. Spring Lawn Application

    1. Application of Natural Soil Amendment
      * plus a balanced slow release fertilizer (pre-emergent with broadleaf weed control **)

  2. Early Summer Lawn Application

    1. Application of Natural Soil Amendment plus a balanced slow release fertilizer & spot weed control for broadleaf weeds (2nd application of crabgrass pre-emergent in 2021)
    2. Weed Control as needed **
    3. Grub Control applied at the same time (description below)

  3. Mid/Late Summer Lawn Application

    1. Application of Natural Soil Amendment plus a balanced slow release fertilizer
    2. Weed Control as needed **
    3. Insect control applied at the same time (description below)

  4. Fall Application

    1. Application of Natural Soil Amendment plus a balanced slow release fertilizer
    2. Weed Control as needed **

  5. Late Fall Application

    1. 1. Application of Natural Soil Amendment and fertilizer to protect against the Winter and for faster green up in the Spring
    2. Weed Control if weeds are still actively growing **

  6. Grub Control

    1. Season Long Grub Control
    2. Guaranteed Season Long Grub Control (Done w/2nd application) If there are any grub issues we will retreat and repair any damage.

  7. Insect Control

    1. Insect Control to treat for surface eating insects to include insects such as Crane Fly, Chinch bugs along with Fleas, Ticks and Mosquitoes (Also offer an additional program to treat for Flea, Tick and Mosquito all season long.)

Premium Upgrades

Lawn Fertilization Webster NY
  • Core Aeration

    • An Aeration is great for your lawn 1-2 times a year. It relieves compaction and thatch build up and help to allow more water and nutrients into the soil and root system

  • Core Aeration and Overseeding

    • Same benefits as above but it takes advantage of this optimum time for seeding. The aeration provides a great bed for seeding, giving you great soil to seed contact. The result will be increased germination and a thicker ber lawn

  • Soil Testing

    • We come in and take samples in troubled areas or throughout the entire lawn and take it to a lab to be tested. From this we will receive a determination on the nutrients in the lawn and what, if anything is needed to amend the soil

  • Soil Corrections

    • Based on recommendations from the lab we apply the necessary nutrients such as lime or sulfur to the lawn
    • Soil corrections take more time. To make a noticeable change can take 1-2 years

Whether it's one application or a full program with aeration, we take care of your lawn and in a timely fashion and use high end, state of the art equipment that is calibrated regularly to produce an even application to your property. Having Brockman Tree & Lawn Care take care of your lawn will ensure you will have time for the more important thing in life…. family and work.

* Satisfaction Guaranteed – you must get at least 5 applications for weed and crabgrass controls and the full season for grub and insect controls. If there is not an improvement on the weeds within 2 weeks from an application we will retreat at no charge. Some weeds take longer to die and some require multiple applications to get control. If there is crabgrass breakthrough and we are made aware of it early enough we will retreat this. We will also retreat for any covered insects in the lawn if needed.

** Weeds need to be actively growing in order for weed control to work. All weed control applications are applied as spot applications. We only apply weed control to the weeded areas in the lawn. Weed control can only kill the weeds that are present in the lawn at the time of application. Please allow 14 days for complete results of weed control.

BBB Acredited Business National Association of Landscape Professionals