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Lawn Rolling

Lawn Rolling Fairport, NY There are opposing views about the use of rollers on lawns. Some says that it is not necessary and may cause damage to your turf. But here at Brockman Tree & Lawn Care, we beg to disagree. Lawn rolling is beneficial to your lawn when done at the right time by skilled people. This particular task must be performed carefully to achieve your desired results. When performed by inexperienced people, it can result in turf damage and soil compaction. There are also some instances where the use of a lawn roller becomes a necessary lawn care task. For example, rolling a lawn after a turbulent winter is a good idea. Now, if you think that you need this kind of service, please call us at (585) 730-5296. We can perform this lawn care task efficiently and accurately.

Our service area is not only limited in the Fairport area. We also serve residential and commercial clients from Rochester, Henrietta, Mendon, Gates, Webster, Hilton, Brockport, Macedon, Parma, Walworth, and Spencerport who are looking for reliable lawn care services. And since we are one of the very few companies offering lawn rolling in these areas, you are assured that we have in-depth knowledge about the procedure and the right equipment for the job.

Professional Lawn Rolling Service

Brockman Tree & Lawn Care is a well-established landscape maintenance company in NY. In fact, we have served countless clients since we started our professional maintenance services decades ago. When you hire us to perform a lawn rolling job, rest assured that it will be performed by our experienced and properly trained crews. They use the right tools and equipment to facilitate the completion of this particular maintenance task. With us, you don't have to be worried about any possible damage on your lawn.

Here are some of the things we consider before we proceed with any lawn rolling task:

  • we use a roller only when the ground is damp and not soaked
  • we highly recommend lawn rolling during Spring
  • we don't roll clay heavy soil because it is prone to compaction
  • we typically use a lightweight roller to accomplish the task
  • we only perform lawn rolling when necessary

Why Lawn Rolling is Necessary?

Lawn rolling should not be a part of your regular lawn care tasks. At Brockman Tree & Lawn Care, we always discuss this lawn care method to our clients to let them understand the pros and cons of rolling a lawn. The use of rollers is highly beneficial in establishing a new lawn or improving the overall appearance of the area. A lawn roller is needed for projects involving new lawn installation. We can use it to improve grading and level certain areas to eliminate low and high spots. This task is also performed after sodding or seeding. The roller will ensure that the seeds will have a better contact with the soil, which helps speed up germination. Removing air pockets after sod installation is now easier by using a roller. Moreover, the use of lawn rollers is also recommended for lawn repair projects. If you notice soil heaving on your lawn or it becomes bumpy due to animal tunnels and warrens, you need our professional help.

Call (585) 730-5296 now to learn more about our lawn rolling service.

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