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Landscape Services

Landscape Services Fairport, NY At Brockman Tree & Lawn Care, we provide our New York clients with comprehensive landscape maintenance and installation services. Our clients are assured of beautiful landscapes that remain in tip-top shape all-year round. You will have healthy plantings, immaculate lawns, clean outdoor areas, and snow-free property. Please take a look at some of our premium services:

Lawn Care

To keep your lawn healthy and attractive, you need a customized lawn care plan. You can keep the grass healthy and free of weeds by applying the proper treatments at the right time, and that's what our experts help with. For your convenience, these treatments are pre-scheduled based on seasonal weather conditions. You'll have uneven grass if you don't deal with problems like brown or bare spots on your lawn on time. An effective lawn care program is more vital than just patching up the damage caused by poor grass care. Even so, we're here to deal with any problems that may develop in your lawn. We're proud to say that every project we work on is of the highest quality. We have the most modern equipment and are well versed in grass fertilizers and other elements of lawn maintenance. Regardless of the size and shape of your lawn, we are the experts that can provide the best lawn maintenance services. Read More About Lawn Care »

Lawn Mowing

We have seasoned crews who can mow your lawn to ideal height and frequency. Our lawn mowing equipment and tools are all heavy duty. These resources allow us to work fast and complete tasks ahead of deadlines. You can hire us weekly, monthly, or as needs arise. Read More About Lawn Mowing »

Lawn Fertilization

Our comprehensive and systematic lawn fertilization program will provide the necessary nutrients to your plantings. We also fertilize when it’s most ideal, typically during spring time, as well as ensure correct use of fertilizer so the grass grows green but not fast enough to warrant frequent mowing. Read More About Lawn Fertilization »

Lawn Renovations & Seeding

When it comes to lawn renovations and seeding, we’re the best pick that you have if you want best results. We have successfully revitalized countless lawns in NY by using premium blend seeds and following the right process from de-thatching to seeding and fertilizer application. Read More About Lawn Renovations & Seeding »


We understand that you want your outdoor spaces to make a statement, so we have skilled landscape designers on board who specialize in creating stunning landscape ideas for your home. We commence the landscaping implementation process when you approve the design, concept, products, materials, and finishes. We only use the most skilled masons and installers in all our projects, which is evident in the sophistication and elegance of the final product. Our supervisors on-site verify that the task is completed correctly. We place a premium on ecologically friendly components and practices so that the environment benefits as much as our clients. When combined with water-efficient and energy-efficient solutions, this philosophy allows us to create stunning and sustainable outdoor spaces for our clients. We can help with softscaping design to hardscape planning to create well-balanced outdoor spaces on your property and various hardscapes. We use only the best materials and resources to create aesthetically pleasing and affordable landscapes that delight our customers. Read More About Landscaping »

Landscape Maintenance

Be it trimming and pruning, weeding, mulch and stone installation, or bed edging, our company is at your service. We’ve done landscape maintenance tasks for residents of Gates, Penfield, Rochester, and many other NY areas, so we can ensure that your outdoor areas will be properly maintained all-year long. Read More About Landscape Maintenance »

Tree Services

Trees and vegetation play a crucial part in all landscapes, regardless of size. We are a full-service landscaping company that installs a variety of trees and plants from the best local nurseries, so you never have to worry about getting low-quality or diseased plants. It adds to the condition of your outdoor areas and reduces your maintenance costs. We help with a range of tree services including tree planting, tree rehabilitation, tree removal, disease diagnosis, and tree trimming and pruning. We work systematically, professionally, and safely creating the best experiences for our clients. Our experts are skilled in their tasks, and we offer cost-effective services that align with our clients’ needs and budgets. No matter how simple or complex your tree services requirements, we can help. Our experience is in assisting you in selecting annuals and perennials to lend your landscape a flawlessly balanced appearance. Read More About Tree Services »

Tree and Shrub Care

We are experts in tree, shrub care and management, so you can expect lush and healthy plantings. Our crews use proven methods and proper tools for healthy and appealing trees and shrubs. Read More About Tree & Shrub Care »

Tree Injection

With Arborjet technology, you can say goodbye to invasive pests and tree-damaging diseases. Our tree injection tools, methods, and supplies are proven effective and safe and you will surely have healthy trees throughout the year. Read More About Tree Injection »

Emerald Ash Borer

We can detect and control EAB infestation using approved treatments and methods. We know Federal and state regulations on the allowed pesticides for Emerald Ash Borer, so you are guaranteed of working and efficient solutions to EAB infestation. Read More About Emerald Ash Borer »

Aeration and Overseeding

With aeration, we can cut down thatch buildup and reduce soil compaction. Our crews can thicken thin areas in your lawn and even bring in new grass varieties when desired. Plus, we charge just right for our aeration and overseeding services so you won’t need to spend too much on these lawn maintenance tasks. Read More About Aeration & Overseeding »

Mulch Installation

Call us if you need professional mulch installation services. We guarantee you that we only use organic, triple ground mulches to ensure great outcomes. The mulches will make your garden healthier and more attractive. It can also help conserve water. Read More About Mulch Installation »

Lawn Rolling

Our lawn rolling services guarantee manicured look, even soil surface, and faster establishment of newly seeded lawns. We have lawn rolling equipment for all kinds of tasks and crews with extensive experience in lawn care and maintenance. Read More About Lawn Rolling »


If you need mulches, stones, and other landscaping materials, just get our delivery services. We can deliver any quantity and type of landscaping materials to your home or project site. With us, you can have your needed materials on time or even ahead of schedule. Read More About Delivery Services »

Spring and Fall Clean Ups

Brockman has the tools and manpower to tackle spring and fall cleanups. Our personnel have been regularly doing such jobs for many NY residents, so you can be sure that we’re going to keep your lawn spic and span during these seasons. Read More About Spring & Fall Cleanup »

Weed Control

Are you facing a hard time finding a reliable weed control company near you? Well, all you must do is contact us at Brockman Tree and Lawn Care. As one of the best weed control companies in the region, we offer excellent services. Our team consists of experienced professionals who are quite good at their job and can handle complex weed control jobs with great ease. The quality of our services has already helped us build up a large customer base in Northern New York. Read More About Weed Control »

Lawn Aeration

Aeration is one of the most necessary lawn maintenance treatments you need to carry out on a residential or commercial lawn. When you hire the services of professionals like us, we will assess the soil to gauge the compaction accurately and then determine whether aeration is required. During this method, the experts will make small holes in the ground. This will enable water, air, and other nutrients to sink in, which will help the roots to grow much deeper. Your grass will remain strong and more resilient throughout the year when you get it aerated regularly. We will customize the aeration schedule based on the weather, soil condition, as well as type of grass. The ideal time to aerate your lawn is right before the growing season. All these services are customized based on your lawn maintenance plan, ensuring healthy grass on your property. We have the knowledge, skills and tools required to carry out different types of aeration. Read More About Lawn Aeration »

Snow Plowing

Let us take care of your snow buildup concerns with our affordable snow plowing services. Our company primarily serves residential clients but we also handle requests from commercial property owners. We have complete snow plowing tools and equipment that let us proceed with our tasks smoothly and efficiently. Read More About Snow Plowing »

Insect Control Services

As landscaping experts, we provide insect control services that deliver more effective and longer results. We provide insect control solutions for mosquitos, fleas, grubs, bees, ticks, hornets, and other types of insects. We have licensed and certified technicians to take care of your outdoor insect problem. We understand how difficult it can be to get rid of mosquitoes from your yard. Our experts will conduct a thorough assessment of your yard to identify the key locations before applying treatments.

Similarly, we develop custom flea and tick control solutions after running a thorough assessment of your property. We develop and implement only safe treatments for each problem. The type and frequency of application will depend on the specific type of insect problem and severity. When it comes to dealing with bees, we prioritize relocation before considering other removal methods. When it comes to insect control, you should rely on the experts who understand your landscape and its needs better. Read More About Insect Control Services »

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