If you want to ensure that your trees remain healthy and vibrant, knowing how to care for them as they emerge from their dormant state in the Spring is crucial.

Neglecting proper tree care during this time could lead to premature death or stunted growth. The experts at Brockman Tree & Lawn Care have compiled a list of five essential tips to help you get your trees ready for the upcoming spring season.

Inspect Your Trees

Spring is an ideal season to assess the health of your trees, mainly as deciduous trees are typically devoid of leaves, while evergreens remain verdant. It is essential to examine your trees for any indicators of damage or disease during this time. Here are some things to look for during your inspection:

  • Cankers, which are dead portions of bark on branches or trunks of trees
  • Oozing sap, which trees excrete to protect and cover wounds
  • Signs of infestation, such as adult beetle exit holes
  • Signs of disease, including blackened and curled twigs
  • Structure irregularities, such as crossing, unwanted, or odd growth patterns
  • Prior pruning wounds that may display decay, fungal growth, or excessive sap discharge
  • Suckers, which are offshoots from the trunk, branches, or roots that signal stress and may indicate a diseased tree

Prune Dead Wood

Although winter is generally the optimal time to prune trees, early spring can also provide visual cues as to which wood requires removal. Here are some pruning considerations to keep in mind:

  • Remove dead branches and twigs by conducting the “scratch test” to determine their condition. Green and moist bark is a sign of life, while brown and dry bark indicates the need for removal
  • Prune diseased limbs or branches with care, identifying cankers or discolored bark that require attention
  • Eliminate undesired growth, such as crossed branches or growth patterns that alter the tree’s shape
  • Prune off any sprouting suckers, as these atypical growths consume significant amounts of energy from the rest of the tree

Provide Water for Your Trees

Caring for trees during spring involves various maintenance activities, with watering being the most critical for their health and growth. Water is essential for trees to thrive, and insufficient watering can cause hydraulic failure, while excessive watering can lead to root diseases that may rapidly kill the tree.

Mulch Your Trees and Gardens

Maintaining and caring for trees during spring involves various activities, including mulching, to regulate the soil’s moisture and temperature. Applying organic mulch to your trees and garden can regulate the soil’s temperature and moisture, promoting healthy growth.

Fertilize Trees

Before considering fertilizing your trees, it’s recommended that you get your soil tested to evaluate its nutrient and mineral levels and pH. To do this, you can send your soil sample to a professional laboratory or a university extension lab.

By following these tree care tips, you can help ensure your trees remain healthy and vibrant throughout the spring and beyond. So don’t wait. Please act today to protect your trees and keep them thriving and sustainable.

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