Creating a beautiful and healthy landscape requires much more than quality landscape installation. Landscape maintenance, when done right, can do wonders to enhance the appearance of your outdoors and curb appeal. Most landscapes are often going to be under stress, and it requires professional assistance and the best practices to ensure they look good and stay healthy.

Your goal should always be to create low maintenance landscaping, and this is possible only when you do it right. This is where we at Brockman Tree & Lawn Care can help you if you are in Fairport, NY or in the surrounding areas in Monroe County.

Comprehensive Landscape Maintenance Solutions

We provide comprehensive landscape maintenance services to residential and commercial property owners and managers in the region. Our services include garden maintenance, lawn care, lawn mowing, tree and shrub care, and other plantscape maintenance services.

With us, the focus is not just on covering all the aspects of landscape maintenance services, but also to do it right. So, how to get it right?

Lawn Cleanup

A beautiful lawn begins with simple cleanup. And spring and fall are the best times to take special care of your lawn. All it requires is using a rake and cleaning up:

  • Dead leaves
  • Dead grass
  • Pinecones
  • Stalks
  • Broken branches

Any debris left on your lawn from the winter must be cleaned and removed. If you are looking for lawn care near me services, we can assist you with our experience, expertise, and resources. We recommend lawn cleanup be done periodically and not just after the winter thaw or fall.

Regular Mowing

A regularly mowed lawn provides a clean and manicured look. Trimmed grass also repels insects such as mosquitos and ticks away, by not giving them tall grass to hide in. We recommend not to fall behind on schedule with mowing. It is important to the health and looks of your lawn.


Timely and proper fertilization is a must for lawn maintenance. We specialize in doing it right, offering various benefits including:

  • Improved turf color
  • Thicker lawn
  • Preventing weed growth

Timing and product choice is the key, and our program focuses on your lawn’s biology.

Planting Bed Maintenance

Well-maintained plant beds can add curb appeal to your home or commercial property. But it requires regular maintenance. Many people handle flower bed weeding twice a year, but we suggest it more often. More frequent weeding will help reduce the amount of work you will have to do each time.

Tree & Shrub Care

The goal of doing it right is to create a low maintenance landscaping. And you cannot keep your trees and shrubs about of this equation. This includes periodic fertilization, pruning, and spraying for disease and insects to have your plants growing healthy and beautiful. Some of the common treatments we use include Arbor Jet, deep root feeding, insect treatments, and dormant oil spraying. Tree and shrub care programs are a must-have because replacing these assets is much more expensive than maintaining them properly.

Regular aeration, overseeding, lawn watering, weed control treatments, and topdressing are some of the additional landscape maintenance services that you should include in your plan.

If you need more information about landscape and lawn care near me or need assistance with the task, feel free to contact Brockman Tree & Lawn Care at (585) 608-0623. If you need a quick quote, kindly fill this form and we will be pleased to provide an instant quote.