We at Brockman Tree & Lawn Care are your one-stop lawn care specialists in Northern New York. Follow these lawn fertilization best practices to achieve the desired results with your lawn.

Watering Lawns

Proper watering is essential to effective lawn fertilization. Fast-acting fertilizers that contain urea or ammonium have water-soluble salts. They mix into the soil only when they get wet. The ideal time to water your lawn is immediately after dry fertilizer is applied and spread.

We have the experience and expertise required to ensure timely watering. If the fertilizer is spread on wet grass or if the grass gets wet before the fertilizer washes and reaches the soil, your lawn can get damaged. When we water immediately after spreading, it helps prevent many issues that can worsen if the fertilizer can sit down longer.

Proper watering is essential to prevent leaf burn too. Salt build-up in the soil can create dry spots if there is no sufficient watering. Typically, a lawn requires 1 inch of water or rainfall per week to stay hydrated.

Use Fertilizer Spreaders

We use commercial-grade fertilizer spreaders to ensure proper fertilizer application in your lawn and garden. Proper spreading has a big impact on your lawn’s health and looks. Professional fertilizer spreading offers many more benefits including the following:

  • Even application of fertilizers
  • Preventing uneven feeding and any other unwanted elements on the lawn
  • Promoting precision gardening and farming
  • Preventing diseases or infestations because of uneven fertilizer application

Fertilizer spreaders also contribute to the maintenance of healthy soil.

We use different types of fertilizer spreaders depending on your lawn’s requirements. This includes:

  • Hand-held spreaders
  • Broadcast or rotary spreaders
  • Drop spreaders

Add Fertilizer Nutrients

Trees are often forced to compete with other plants and lawns. You may be regularly removing fallen leaves and other nutrient sources including the organic matter that would otherwise naturally help replenish your lawn’s nutrient needs. So, it is important to add fertilizer nutrients.

Lawns require fertilization as over time all the nutrients are absorbed by the grass. It is essential to apply the right type of fertilizer after assessing the soil. Nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus are the main nutrients in fertilizers. Our experienced soil experts will evaluate your lawn before determining the fertilizers with the right NPK value. There are different types of fertilizers that release nutrients at different rates. They offer their own sets of advantages. This includes:

  • Quick-release fertilizers
  • Slow-release fertilizers
  • Granular or liquid fertilizers
  • Organic fertilizers

Seasonal Fertilization

Seasonal fertilization offers many benefits. It is important to know when it is the right time to fertilize your lawn, shrubs, and trees. From experience, we know the right time to add the right fertilizers to your lawn to make it healthier, beautiful, and prevent diseases and infestations.

Fall Fertilization

Fertilizing in fall offers the following benefits:

  • Recovering nutrients lost by the soil during summertime
  • Promoting root growth, if the soil is not frozen

Spring Fertilization

Our spring fertilization services offer the following benefits:

  • Supplies all the nutrients required to keep your lawn healthy and fight off diseases
  • Supports new growth during the growing season
  • Greens up the lawn so that they stay lush green through the summer

If you need more information about our lawn fertilization and landscape maintenance services, contact Brockman Tree & Lawn Care at (585) 608-0623. We can also be reached via this Online Form.