Your lawn is an extension of your home and your personality. Keeping it in its top condition requires much more than regular watering. Everyone loves to maintain a lush and green lawn that is well trimmed, healthy, thick, and stays so throughout the growing season. Professional lawn care is the only way to maintain a lawn that looks and stays healthy all year long. We at Brockman Tree & Lawn Care provide comprehensive lawn and landscape care services in Northern New York. Here are our 5 tips for lawn care to get the most out of your lawn.

Lawn Seeding

High-quality grass seed supported by professional seeding is the first step to creating a beautiful and healthy lawn. Our professional seeding services help you get the lush green lawn that everyone dreams of. Our crew of experienced and licensed lawn specialists will help you select the proper seed mixture and take the steps for proper lawn prep. We use commercial-grade equipment to seed grass and deliver strong roots and thick turf.

We use specialized equipment to sow seeds directly into the soil. The process doesn’t cause any damage to the existing grass. Our experience and expertise allow us to ensure proper seed-soil contact. This is much more effective and smarter compared to throwing seeds over bare spots. Our process results in ensuring optimal germination rate.

Mowing Lawns

Mowing is important for any lawn. It maintains its neat and tidy looks and keeps it healthy. It is a time-consuming process no matter the size of your lawn. During the summer, lawns need to be mowed weekly – something that may not be possible for everyone. We can create customized mowing services to suit your schedule and your lawn’s care requirements.

There are many reasons you should hire our lawn mowing services:

  • Ensuring perfect cuts
  • No more long or unsightly lawn
  • No more need to buy and store bulky lawn equipment
  • Spend more time with family and kids
  • No need to take a break from work or daily chores

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is an often-overlooked lawn care step for most homeowners. Over time soil and thatch can get compacted and can hamper the lawn’s growth. Aeration is required to allow nutrients and water to reach the roots. Our experienced crew can set a schedule for regular soil examination and conduct lawn aeration if required. We have the experience, skills, knowledge, and tools required for the task.

Compacted soil can also affect the breathability of the soil. If your lawn is left as such, the lawn can gradually dry off. Our crew can analyze and inspect the soil every time we visit. Lawn aeration can also promote deeper root growth. This further improves your lawn’s lasting ability through the harshest of winters, droughts, and storms.

Lawn Trimming

Our lawn edging and trimming services help you become a proud owner of a great-looking yard. Edging and trimming help maintain neat and tidy lines and build great curb appeal. We will perform edging and trimming to give your landscape a clear edge along all the features, after the mowing service. Our experts will string trim areas along structures, fences, and natural areas to create a uniform lawn height. Creating details such as edges and well-manicured borders is a passion for us.

Weed Killers

When it comes to weed control, you cannot just hire anyone. You need landscaping specialists with local knowledge. We provide effective weed management solutions based on our knowledge of the type of weeds that grow in the region. We use appropriate and environment-safe weed killers to give your lawn the picture-perfect look.

If you need more information about our landscape maintenance and lawn care services, feel free to contact Brockman Tree & Lawn Care at (585) 608-0623. We offer our services in Fairport, NY, and the surrounding areas within Northern New York. You can also send us your queries using this Online Form.