3 Tips for Removing Snow From Your Property This Winter

Snow Removal Services

If there’s one thing we can count on each winter season in Rochester, it’s a steady snowfall. After all, every resident knows just how harsh and unrelenting the winters in this region can be. Let the fully-equipped experts at Brockman Tree & Lawn Care help you with our comprehensive and reliable snow removal services for your residential property because we understand what a big job that is. We’ll go over three tips below that will aid in your effort to remove snow from your property in the months ahead.

1. Stay Ahead of the Snow

Snow can be mesmerizing, but don’t be tempted to sit and stare at the snowfall outside your window without taking action. Be aware of what is happening, and start removing the snow as early as possible. It’s much more manageable to deal with smaller amounts of snow than to wait until mountains of snow drifts surround you.

2. Keep Your Equipment Handy

Ensure that your snow removal equipment is right where you need it and ready to work at the start of winter. You’ll need a sturdy snow shovel or two and a reliable snow blower at the very least. Invest in quality equipment and make certain that everything works before you need to use it. Most importantly, always follow proper safety protocol when you remove snow.

3. Call the Professionals 

If not removed soon enough, snow can pose a safety risk to people and cause damage to structures. Fortunately, the professionals at Brockman Tree & Lawn Care have many tools in our arsenal to remove snow and ice effectively. Depending on the amount of snow and the size of your property, we might use a V-shaped plow, a straight plow, or a pusher. Your family’s safety will be our top priority as we work to clear the snow.

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Brockman Tree & Lawn Care will help keep your property safe this winter. You can trust us to remove the snow while you focus on more important things. Contact us today at (585) 608-0623 to request a quote for snow removal. We serve Rochester, New York, and the surrounding areas, including Fairport, Penfield, Webster, Victor, Pittsford, Macedon, and beyond.