3 Ways to Keep Your Lawn Healthy Throughout the Winter

Lawn care for winter

As winter approaches, you are probably ready for a break from your seemingly never-ending lawn maintenance. Before you bid farewell to your lawnmower and garden tools for the year, you’ll need to ensure that your yard is prepared for the cold and snow ahead. At Brockman Tree & Lawn Care, we offer customized lawn care and landscaping maintenance that will deliver noticeable results for your property. Let’s review three tips and best practices for keeping your lawn healthy throughout the winter.

1. Clean Up the Fall Debris

Don’t forget your final yard cleanup to dispose of fallen leaves, tree limbs, and other remaining debris. You don’t want to attract any pests or allow damage to your lawn. Plus, leaves left on your grass that become wet could also result in disease on your lawn. Brockman Tree & Lawn Care provides seasonal leaf and debris cleanup if you need help with this task.

2. Mow Before the Snow Comes 

You’ll want to mow your lawn short in the late fall before winter, but not too short. Grass that isn’t short enough could be at risk for disease, and the harsh winter conditions could damage grass that is too short. If you aren’t sure what the ideal grass length should be, our experts can take care of it for you.

3. Avoid Excessive Traffic on Your Lawn

As the temperatures plummet, avoiding a lot of foot traffic across your lawn is a good idea. The blades of grass become more vulnerable to damage when they are frozen. If your grass is still wet from late fall storms, walking on it too much could compact the soil and impede healthy growth in the spring.

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